March 2018 FAITH in GOD’s mission

A posture of mission

What is the aim and mission of Ministry of Mercy, and ultimately my life?  The aim and mission for me and our ministry is to know the love of Jesus Christ in my life and let Him work in me to share Him with others.  The joy of a true believer of Jesus Christ is not the joy of heaven and being there one day.  It is the gospel’s joy of believing in the LORD Jesus Christ as the forgiver of all my sins and stands before me in the presence of GOD as my Redeemer.  How do I know this is true?  Because by faith I believe the Jesus Christ is the son of GOD and came into the world to save sinners.

One thing I had to realize in order to believe in Jesus Christ is that I am indeed a sinner.  I have to believe further that all things are possible for one to believe, even every sin I have, even the scandalous, evil ones.  This is the reason Jesus Christ died on a horrific cross, to save all sinners.  “Did Jesus Christ come from heaven to cure only small scars and cuts?  Are not the deep, long-standing , and serious wounds included?  O take heed, take your eyes off yourself and look upon Jesus Christ, no matter how deadly your sting, believing you shall be cured and live.”(S.Ward, Sermons).

I am just saying that I am guilty of a ministry of admonition.  While I may think that this is my christian duty, I have learned this is not so.  My christian duty is to serve Jesus Christ and love Him forever.  When I do this He pours Himself into me through His Spirit and His love should flow out of me. Well, I have learned as I am quiet before the LORD, that Jesus Christ’s  ministry is in a posture of mission, not admonition.

When I let this thought think in, WOW did I realize how far I can venture from what GOD would have me do with my life.  I know He would like me to quit judging, quit reproofing, and even quit giving counsel.  Instead, He would like me to share the love of JESUS, the way He would love, not the way I would think He would love.  When I think about this, I am humbled in my sin of admonition.

What would I tell someone about Jesus Christ?  I would say, when you think about GOD and who He is and what is He about, Look to Jesus Christ alone in your thoughts, heart and mind as He is the only genuine way to knowing GOD.  Yet so many people get hung up on this one truth.

I love the stories in the Bible starting with Abraham.  He was not even Jewish and GOD came to him and gave him a promise.  Through Abraham’s life GOD honored the promise He made to him.  Even today, GOD’s promise to Abraham is clear.  Never think for a moment we come to GOD, no HE comes to us.  All we do is accept what GOD promises to every man, woman and child today;  “believe that Jesus is the Christ; the Son of GOD, and that believing you may have life in His name.”(John 20:31).

FAITH alone in CHRIST alone is the only genuine growth in GOD and His mission

“to the ends of the earth for love YWAM”


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