Welcome in the NEW YEAR 2015 for Ministry of Mercy

Thank you for visiting us to find opportunities to serve GOD this year helping those in need.  Currently we work in the country of Nicaragua and are open to where ever GOD would take us.  Already we have been blessed with new projects, new friendships and soon to add a new family member to the Nicosia household.  

Something I learned in 2014.   JESUS is ever present with us, in our ministry and in our lives personally. I am always impressed with the blessings GOD gives us year after year, and wonder at His awesome presence in our lives perpetually and continually.  I read this verse from Revelation 1:13 and understand it more deeply and intimately, as I live and exist as a child of GOD.  After Jesus had gone up to heaven, it is recorded, that He gave the disciples the gift of His Holy Spirit to be with them, to continue to carry out His ministry and work.  Jesus tells His disciples about the Holy Spirit even before He goes to the cross (John 14:16-31).  As a believer in Christ, I too have the Holy Spirit of God and Jesus in my heart and life.  I am ever learning, and ever asking to do God’s work in my life, through His power, and not mine. 

  What is so impressive upon my heart, is that JESUS who is in heaven is caring for His children He has not taken off the golden sash of His robe, which means He continues to work with us, doing God’s work through us.  Jesus used His sash to care for people while He walked on earth.  A sash around the waist shows a person is ready for service, and Jesus stands in heaven ready for service to us.  The sash around our waist symbolizes the belt of truth, which is the word of GOD, and as His followers we must have it continually around our waist to be prepared to give our testimony of JESUS to those we meet, whether by words or by our actions,

Ministry of Mercy’s presence is growing in the country of Nicaragua, specifically the town of Jinotepe.  Our health trip last year with Dr. Brooks really showed our ability to care for the people’s true health needs.  Though we only could care for about 20 people, the intervention Dr. Brooks provided will be long lasting in the lives of the people we touched.  Not only did we touch and heal their leg ulcers, we changed their lives as they can now be productive, active and work without pain, and suffering.

Ministry of Mercy also had the wonderful opportunity to bring smiles to the kids in the hospital with our puppet show, songs, and bible stories.  Our pastor came and gave a message to the people who gathered around our puppet show at the children’s ward of the hospital.  It was a time for the people to understand the work of Ministry of Mercy, not just as a physical health organization, but a spiritual health organization in the sense that JESUS is the Great Physician and He wants to  have a mutual relationship of love, faithfulness, and truth with everyone.  Our little group of young people extended our program to a small church in Diriamba which has become a center point for continued gospel ministry.

It is amazing to me that the presence of GOD and JESUS in our lives continues to spark a fire of love, friendship and commitment to keeping Ministry of Mercy alive and growing in Nicaragua.  Reina is almost finished with her medical school, and will be come a physician by the end of 2015. Ministry of Mercy has extended our program of helping young people with a new student to help.  His name is Hernaldo, and he is the son of our Vice President.  I have known Hernaldo for over 15 years, and I am overjoyed to see him able to go to college in America.  I am thankful to Dr. Brooks, who has brought Hernaldo to our attention to help him succeed in college.

What is even more glorious is that the sash JESUS is wearing in Heaven is of pure gold.  Showing John, his beloved disciple the superiority and authority of JESUS as our High Priest!  Jesus has not left us, but is in heaven continually interceding on our behalf.  He has not taken off His sash of truth and service, but has now a golden sash, which is much more superior.  As followers, we must do the same; continue to keep our sash of truth tightly around our waist, surrounding our whole being, to help remind us to keep our character like Jesus.  This New Year is a time of service, not of rest.  I am excited to have learned as we venture out into 2015, to know GOD is still with us in ministry and in our lives personally.  And as His child, I will continue to wear the belt(sash) of truth around my waist perpetually even more as I go through my days as His follower.

Teach me LORD, to “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.”  (2Peter 3:18)


Join the opportunities to contribute more than just money to Ministry of Mercy.  2015 will be the year we open our clinic with our own physician.  Finding new opportunities to raise funding is crucial to our clinic, and our missionary adventures.  Many people want to join our teams, but lack the funding to come.  Ministry of Mercy can now donate items such as cars, RVs, boats and some large electronics.  The idonate team will come assess the value and take care of all the necessary papers for the donation. See how easy it is to donate GIVE_Button_Lt_Narrow

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