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I have had wonderful days here, meeting with friends whom I have not seen for awhile. Life is very hard here in Nicaragua and I am impressed by the stamina of the people I meet everyday. They work Monday to Sunday with only maybe one or two days off a month. The bring home $98.00 every two weeks, after taxes. The exchange rate is now 28.50 cordobas to a $1.00.  Cost of living has increased, but in a Socialism country, there is no cost of living raise.  The average house payment is about 100.00 month and that leaves less than 100.00 for food.  The government says there is no poverty in Nicaragua.  I guess you need to ask the question, “what is their definition of poverty?”   Strong faith in GOD is evident in many people, but life, work, day to day worries crowd them from taking the time to read their BIBLE and go to church.

LA ROCA church welcomed us with open arms.  There have been improvements made to help the surrounding community.  Pastor Marvin is at his parish every day.  He actively visits people in the community and ministers mostly to women, because the men are working real hard…for very little.  Pastor Marvin praises GOD for the community he has been given. He still travels from managua to Diriamba by microbus on Sundays with wife and child. During the week he comes by motorcycle, and IMG_3172is at his church ministering to adults, youth. His heart is for JESUS and saving his community.

They have started a feeding center, and receive MANNA food from a reliable strong feeding ministry in Nicaragua.  I have visited many feeding centers, and without these places, children would die for lack of hunger.  The feeding center from Dean and Winnie feeds children twice a day in an area centered around the dump.  Men, women and children work at the dump and recycle products to sell.  We met a carpenter who recycles wood in his own makeshift shop.  His table saw needs a motor (2 horse power).  He resurrect the one he has currently from the dump.  If you can help him, please contact us.< ! Yesterday, we met a woman, Myra from LAROCA church who is diabetic and has a foot that is unable to take of picture of because it is so gross. However, she had pictures for us, and I have not seen such a foot as hers. The physician talk of amputation but over the course of one year her foot has improved and she can walk on it. She praises GOD because her life's work is sharing JESUS in her community door to door. Now she can walk better. Reyna and I have took her for blood work as her blood sugar machine has outdated strips and is unreliable. She says her blood sugar is 500 in the morning. Her blood sugar was 212 in the am and this was a relief to us. Although, follow up is so important to people with chronic conditions.  We spent much time encouraging her to visit and maintain appointments with the Central SALUD health clinic.  They assist chronic diabetic patients with education, accurate blood sugar testing, and control their insulin medication.  They even given insulin and diabetic medication at no charge or little cost.  We asked Myra, why she misses her appointments.  She stated that the place is too crowded and noisy and the wait is too long.  It was hard to understand how this woman was willing to lose her foot to a diabetic ulcer than to wait in a noisy clinic for health care.  I am thankful to Pastor Marvin who will encourage this woman to heed our advice.IMG_3213

This is the heart of Ministry of Mercy for me. Caring for patients one at a time.  Myra was  our 3rd patient on this trip. The other one was an older lady, named Ehfemia who suffers from venous stasis disease. She has bulging veins in her legs and is recovering from an ulcer. To get to her house was an adventure. Her husband is a pastor in the very rural area of Diriamba. The missionary friends, Joel and April took Dra Reyna and I to her.  I knew about her before and brought some stockings for her disease.  They were a little tight but we taught her daughter how to put them on and off. What a beautiful time sharing JESUS, sharing health, with this family.


The church is excited about us coming in December. I was surprised when I visited Quinta Lupita hotel.   I was a little nervous about asking for use of their pool and facility to host our team and 80 children from LAROCA church. I was surprised they were gracious and opened up their facility to us. He offered agood price, reasonable for us to attain, and I was blessed that he would want us to come with all these kids and present JESUS.

However, there is a cloud over all of this. Apparently there is a new law to be passed that Christians are not allowed to come and preach in Nicaragua.  Reyna will check this out and get the papers we need to assure that we can come properly according to their new law. Pastor Marvin is not concerned about this. However, my doctor friends were because my website talks of JESUS  and Ministry of Mercy is sharing the love of JESUS CHRIST through the health profession. We will see what happens. Ministry of Mercy has been invited to a hospital to teach nurses critical care education. This was perhaps my most incredible opportunity as I have been praying for this since I started the ministry so many years ago.

GOD is not closing doors, but opening them. I truly love this country where GOD has placed me. I cannot even begin to express how joyful I am to live among these people daily and experience some of the travails of life they experience daily, and routinely. We can laugh together and share JESUS together, and thank GOD that HE is in control of our lives and situations (which is so much more meaningful down here, as sometimes you are not sure you will eat, or have water to drink or even wash your hands and face). I have experienced all this also, which keeps me close to the LORD at all times. I started our bible study book from our church entitled “Satisfy My Thirsty Soul” by Linda Dillow.   I even had  an incredible few hours worshipping the LORD in the beauty of HIS amazing creation. IF GOD can create such magnificent beauty and wonder, HE can definitely take hold of my life and be my ABBA FATHER.


Now that Reyna is finished with medical school, we talked about a fellowship opportunities.  She would like to become a Gynecologist/Obstetrician.  So we will investigate and pray GOD would open some doors.  She will work in the next few months to get her medical license.  Everything takes time, amazing crazy efforts, and lots of patience.  Patience is truly a virtue.  Our small home is doing well.  Lester is now taking over some of the house hold duties and even taking art lessons.  He is a strong man of GOD who gets defeated many times, but trusts the LORD with his life.  He walks the streets of Jinotepe seeking a job.  Ministry of Mercy continues to care for the children that no one wanted.  We still have the two and they are growing well in our home and family.  Mateo is even coming alive, as we have increased his nutrition. I took Reyna and her sister to a doctor and we discussed with the doctor a feeding plan for Mateo. I am surrendered to GOD over this incredible journey back to Nicaragua at this time.

“Charity suffers long, and is kind: charity envies not, charity does not vaunt itself, or puffs itself up.  Charity does not behave itself unseemly, seeks not its own, nor is easily provoked, and thinks no evil.  Charity does not rejoice in inquiry, but rejoices in the truth.  Charity is love and love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things.  Charity is love that never fails. 1Corinthians 13

Please pray for our ministry as many people need the healing love and power of JESUS.  Our dearest of friends, Hernaldo and Elisabeth are needing our support desperately.  Elisabeth’s kidneys have failed. She is receiving dialysis 3 days a week.  Her dialysis shunt has a clot in it and she cannot receive treatment until it is cleared.  She is having surgery this Monday.  This couple have been married for 25 years.  Hernaldo tells me he fears his wife will die and he is not prepared for this.  Elisabeth is his only wife as he stated, he only is a one wife man.  He remembers the day the met and states he has only grown to love her more.  Elisabeth will not ask her sister, brother or kids for a kidney because this disease is very prevalent in her family history.  She asked me if I knew of a way to get her on the transplant list in America.  I said I would try and look into this matter.  This is truly a matter for the LORD.  Therefore in earnest humility, I pray and ask our ABBA FATHER for HIS amazing powerful help in their lives to GODS LOVING GLORY






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