Looking into 2015
Opportunity to receive some funding from two foundations: Letter of Inquiry submitted in September and Honorary Award for Outstanding Institution submitted in October. Somewhere around February announcements will be made.

Opportunity to establish a church in Jinotepe under the guidance and direction of Elevation Church in Auburn, and Redeemer Church in Grass Valley. Pastors Eric Van Patten, and Brett Wagner.

Planning a mission trip late February. or early March to prepare for our big July Surgical Brigade and our Church planting conference.

February/or March Planning Trip to Nicaragua to acquaint Redeemer Church in Grass Valley with the pastors in Jinotepe. Connect with the orthopedic physicians and gather X-rays and information of patients for the Total hip and knee Joint Surgical Brigade in July 25 to Aug 3, 2015

Vacation Bible School and Church Conference July 17 to July 27. More information to follow

Beginning to collect supplies and equipment for both events. Look for a list of supplies needed for VBS and Surgical Brigade. More information to follow.

Reina graduates from Medical School November 2015 – Look for a graduation party in December 2015 in USA.

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