Missionary News

mom logo 2014 back.001Ministry of Mercy is growing and we are excited to keep moving as GOD leads us in new ways to help out the people of Nicaragua.  With our pastor having made a trip in August, we are looking to planting a church in the area of Jinotepe.  Ministry of Mercy has already found a church and community in Diriamba.100_5402

Moving into 2015     MoM has some opportunities to expand our clinic. We need help with funding a prenatal clinic and a woman’s health clinic.  At the present time we have one female doctor and a medical resident.  We are in need of funding for this project to pay our doctors, and to send our supplies via container.  We are also looking for donation of a Mammography machine.   Please pray for this opportunity because in our area of Nicaragua, the number one cause of fetal and maternal mortality is no prenatal care, and breast cancer mortality is high but there are no substantial statistics in the region.

AS we finish up the year, MoM is ready to send our container to Nicaragua with our medical supplies and equipment to establish our clinic at our house site.  Reina will finish Medical School at the end of 2015 and will ready to open our clinic and hang out her Physician Shingle.  (What a milestone!)100_5453

AS we finish up this year, our finances have stayed consistent to care for the house/clinic.  Marilin and her two children are thriving in our home.  Marilin is reading a book about GOD’s love for her, and helping her see how GOD loves her, no 10653903_907081475973366_971936355_nmatter her past, no matter the hurts in her life.  She does not do everything right, and she is growing up in a family that loves her, and wants her to know JESUS and Him crucified for her, because of His amazing love for mankind.  A preacher said, “the cross is an amazing act of divine intervention – for at the right time JESUS CHRIST died for us.”  GOD is working everything out in all our lives, and even in this world as we are moving more and more to HIS coming back to receive His Church.  I love to tell the story of JESUS and His great love, and see this worked out in lives.


Ministry of Mercy is asking for help to send our container of medical supplies and equipment to Nicaragua.  If someone has a container to be shipped, we can fill the container with about 20 feet of medical supplies and equipment.  Sharing the costs with another organization would be helpful.  We don’t need the container after it is sent, we only want to ship our supplies.  There is a Woman’s Breast Clinic also in need of some supplies for its center and we have supplies we can donate.  If anyone would like to help us out, with either the container or the finances to get this going, or help us with fundraising, thank you.  Please be in prayer for this, as this equipment we have can truly improve and raise the quality of care, and quality of life for the people of Nicaragua.

Looking into 2015 Missionary Trips:  

  • Orthopedic Surgical Brigade   Jinotepe Hospital
  • Vacation Bible School             Jinotepe and Diriamba
  • Woman’s Health Faire            Jinotepe and Diriamba
  • Offer prenatal care                 Jinotepe and Diriamba

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