What do we do now?

FAITH in GOD is met by His Blessings!  Hope in GOD inspires strength and courage Isaiah 35

I am encouraged because the triune GOD is still in control of this world.  The question is asked to me, a woman who calls herself a Christian; “In whom do you trust?”  I say,  “I trust in a triune GOD.  I trust the FATHER of the world; I trust Him to provide for me in providence, to teach me, to guide me, to correct me if need be, and to bring me home to His own house… I trust the SON, Jesus Christ very God of very GOD, the man CHRIST JESUS.  I trust in Him to take away all my sins by His own sacrifice and to clothe me with His perfect righteousness.  I trust Him to be my Intercessor, to present my prayers and desires before His FATHER’S throne, and I trust Him to be my Advocate at the last great day, to plead my cause, and to justify me.  I trust JESUS for what He is, for what He has done, and for what He has promised still to do.  And I trust the Holy Spirit-He has begun to save me from my inbred sins; I trust Him to drive them all out; I trust Him to curb my temper, to subdue my will, to enlighten my understanding, to check my passions, to comfort my despondency, to help my weakness, to illuminate my darkness.  I trust Him to dwell in me as my life, to reign in me as my KING, to sanctify me completely, spirit, soul, and body, and then to take me up to dwell with the saints in light forever.(“Copyright Truth For Life. Used with Permission. www.truthforlife.org. October 7, 2018).  This is my statement of faith.

My statement has not changed since I asked Jesus into my heart at the age of 16, He came into my heart then and has been with me ever since.  He has built my faith in Him through my journey of life.  He loves me the same as He did the day I asked Him into my life, and I love Him more today than I did yesterday.  I include this before we move on to 2019, because as a woman of GOD and as a ministry, we want to look to GOD and His provision, and His direction as we step out as He calls and leads us.

Looking into 2019

Our pastor shared with us about missions and said, ‘To think globally is to act locally.’  This hit home as Ministry of Mercy is looking to where GOD would take us in 2019.  There are many opportunities to share the LORD locally and I am thankful for the reminder from our pastor.  

I am excited to say our church is starting a missions outreach for our young people.  Young people should be in training for missions.  What a great place for young people to begin; where they can pour out the love of JESUS in their own communities. Ministry of Mercy has taken several young people to Nicaragua.  They are a great benefit and help greatly with our medical and healthcare work. I encourage more young people to join us.  One thing Ministry of Mercy can provide is a certificate stating you have joined our team and participate in healthcare activities.  This certificate helps build student resumes.




At this time, we have two plans for the year.  One is Nicaragua in the summer, June 5 to June 19.  Dr. Reina and I plan to work with Reina’s special needs ministry, visiting the homes and seeing the patients.  We plan to continue building up the church in La ROCA.  We are also looking into planting a church in Jinotepe.  Due the political climate there, the local people cannot move.  Therefore, a community or barrio fellowship is needed, where people can safely walk to and abide by the curfews.

The other opportunity for ministry is to the country of GHANA.  Dr. Reina and myself will accompany a team of nurses, and lay women to minister the love of CHRIST JESUS,  and provide healthcare to surrounding villages in the North of GHANA.  We will also assess the population and area for future healthcare needs.  

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