“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings the gospel, who publishes the gospel of peace, who brings the gospel of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, ‘Your GOD reigns.’

GOD’s Blessing continues as we work with Him to share the gospel                                                                             

Now is time to develop and implement a new business plan for Ministry of Mercy.  GOD has continued His blessing and grace upon our ministry and to HIM to continue to seek HIS direction.  Therefore, here are some new developments as we move forward for another 5 years:

  • Partner with other non profit organizations to further the work of providing healthcare, health education, and the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in the countries we serve
  • Establish a new location for Ministry of Mercy in Nicaragua
  • Improve our work and service so that we may stay cost effective, accountable and sustainable in our work and service
  • Continue to maintain ONG status in Nicaragua, in addition to non profit status in United States
  • Support students in their education endeavers as they are presented to Ministry of Mercy
  • Continue health and gospel brigades to areas of Nicaragua as well as the possibility to move into other countries
  • Support the family who helps our ministry in Nicaragua 
  • Welcome Dra Reyna Tifer as our physician in Nicaragua
  • Assisting Dra. Reyna as she ministers her expertise and care with disabled children and their families
    Finally, our total contributions per month are $1650.  Our operating expenses are $1620 per month.  GOD has been faithful and generous to us as we serve the people for the gospel of JESUS CHRIST.  We thank all of our contributors for allowing us this privilege.  We also thank you for giving Reyna the opportunity to become a physician.  
    •  A special thank you


If you look closely at the pictures you can see the boys and girls are wearing new dresses and new shorts with tee shirts.  Women from churches in Sacramento made shorts for boys and dresses for girls.  They donated these clothes to us free of charge.  What a precious time we had dressing the girls and boys with new clothes, and telling them stories about how much JESUS loves them.  When we came to this village in Nicaragua, we immediately saw the impact of our visit was to them.  A local woman prepares a meal everyday for the village people.  The families gather at this woman’s yard, share a meal and talk with one another.  Some of the children make bracelets and sell them to the missionaries who come.  Dra. Reyna operates a health clinic weekly and offers her care free of charge to the people.  Our team came in July and spent three days sharing the gospel of JESUS’ love, as well as playing with the children, buying their bracelets, and joining in the preparation and distribution of food.

My observation from this opportunity was the joy all of us had sharing the gospel of JESUS CHRIST with the people in this village.  We came with good news of a Savior, JESUS CHRIST who offers hope.  When the gospel of GOD’s sovereign grace spreads over the world, there is joy even in the face of adversity, or trials, or storms.

I would like to conclude with:

Sharing JESUS is the call upon our lives as believers and followers of our Savior.  I am learning, all the strength given to me by our gracious GOD is meant for service, not for indulgence or pride.

My prayer for ministry of mercy in the next five years is for us to not live on CHRIST but live for CHRIST.  In the strength we gain daily from JESUS, let us work for Him.  As Alister Begg says, “We are not to hide the precious grains of truth without giving that truth an opportunity to grow: We must sow it and water it. Why does the Lord send the rain upon the thirsty earth and give the sunshine? Is it not in order that sun and rain may help the fruits of the earth to yield food for us? Even so the Lord feeds and refreshes our souls so that we may use our renewed strength in the promotion of His glory.”Begg, A. (2017, October 5). Meant for service. [devotional web message]. Retrieved from
dress a girl

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