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The summer is quickly vanishing and the year 2016 is fading away. Sometimes busyness of life  keeps me from really considering what my life here on earth is all about.  We are born into a family, we grow out, we are educated, we experience life, we increase our family, we work, we play, and then we ….

I am reflecting because I accomplished another decade of my life and am moving into another decade of time.  What does it mean for me?  Moving into retirement, enjoying time with my husband and me together, taking care of our parents, enjoying and living life and family with my children and their family, grandkids, grandkids, grandkids x 10, wonderful time with friends, traveling and continuing with Ministry of Mercy.  Am I missing something?

You can spend your life searching for all kinds of things: fulfillment, pursuit of happiness, loves of all kinds, wealth of all kinds, satisfaction, peace, friendship.  But where does it end or get you to?

This sounds so corny, but I am a product of the 60’s and 70’s and even part of the “JESUS MOVEMENT”  There was this song by Scot Wesley Brown:

I could wish you joy and peace
To last a whole life long
I could wish you sunshine
Or a cheerful little song
Or wish you all the happiness
That this life could bring
But I wish you Jesus
More than anything….cuz when I wish you JESUS, I wish you everything.

When I recall something from my past, this song comes to mind.  I heard it in the early 70’s when I gave my heart to JESUS CHRIST and realized who He is and what His life and love means to me personally.  When you really begin to realize who JESUS CHRIST is, you then begin to see how important HE is to your life.  I think for everyone who reads this blog… I wish you JESUS…

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