Coming into March 2015

WELCOME                          BEINVENIDOS

Wonderful happenings taking place:  Reina is finishing up her last leg of her residency, the medical rotation.  She finishes up in July and will be able to part of Surgical Brigade.  

One of our translators is coming to America March 4.  Louise will begin a internship at Little Bliss Cakery in Granite Bay.  What a wonderful ministry they have empowering women to learn and return to their own country and start a business.

Mateo is now being cared for by Reina’s sister Eileen.  He is growing slowly.  We are not sure where Marilin is, but am praying that GOD continues to watch over her and protect her.  We are praying she would remember her beginnings and her training in the LORD and she would not depart from Jesus’ love.

Our surgical brigade in July is coming together.  We have 22 patients so far.  Dr. Bergeson is working with Dr. Elisa Salizar in Nicaragua with the X-rays and patient visits to get them ready for surgery when we come.  

We would like to merge our church conference and vacation bible school program with our surgical brigade.  The dates are July 17 to Aug 3.  VBS and church conference being July 17 to July 28 and the Surgical brigade from July 25 to Aug 3.  Anyone interested in one or both events please contact us.

Looking out into November we will open our Ministry of Mercy Family Wellness Center.  

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