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Outreach of love and compassion in the streets, communities and villages of Nicaragua. June 24 to July 8 2017 Cost per person is $1700 (Join us for fundraising activities to lower the cost per person)

The first week of our adventure begins with a VBS to the local church in Diriamba. Ministry of Mercy will host the event at the hotel with a pool. 80 kids will participate during this week in divided sessions of 40 children per session, per day. Our focus is to share the gospel of JESUS and teach safety habits related to fire, water, environmental and first aid.

The second week we will take our ministry of music, drama and sports activities to the rural villages and communities surrounding the larger city of Managua and Diriamba. As always we bring nourishing food, and health clinics where ever we go.005738193

Our team consists of Ministry of Mercy’s Chef; John Nicosia and our Dr. Reyna Tifer Vega as well as my nursing services. Eric Van Patten is our lead pastor as well as Pastor Marvin who will be our guide. Kathleen Gerlach is our team mom and teacher for safety. We have 2 12 year olds attending this trip as well as some young adults, (Holten Chorley, Isaac Van Patten).

More people are welcome to join us.

Items we need: We are collecting items for this trip which include: swimsuits for boys and girls, flip flops for kids and adults, small toy items such as cars, games, combs, brushes, toothbrushes, small soaps and shampoo items, hair ties and barrettes, small boxes of raisins, children vitamins, small first aid kits, whistles, small packages of crayons, pencils, rubber pants, children’s underwear.

Contact Ministry of Mercy through our website, phone or email.

Health Clinics in November:

Two possible clinics in the Jinotepe area. One is Venous stasis clinic and the other is a woman’s clinic. Both would require nurses to come and join in health teaching and clinic duties. More infomation to follow.

Please consider a donation today. We are thankful for your donation to our projects and work