1969234_10201721826589237_1912570883_nMy name is Reyna Tiffer. I  was born in Nicaragua and have lived most of my life in Managua with my mom, brother, and sister.  When I was 19 years old I decided to study the career of medicine without thinking how difficult it would be.  I have made many sacrifices as I have moved to live in the area of Jinotepe, Carazo.  It is a small village 40 minutes from the city of Managua.  During these years and months  at the university, Ministry of Mercy’s director and husband have paid my school expenses for the last 5 years.  I am the first one in my family to have this opportunity to start a career in medicine.  I am thankful to them for their support.

After 5 years in studies, already this month start 6 year in the race which is where I have to put into practice what I’ve learned. This is a lot of responsibility when the patients come in with the hope that I can help them with their health problems.


In this last year, the expenses continue to be greater due to the fact that each book costs more than $150.  These books are important as I need them to care for patients. They are not in Mary and John’s budgetary reach. This has been a major constraint for me because the medical student has to read a lot in order to learn and know what to do more now, as really I must put into practice my role as a doctor.

Apart from that I am part of the board of directors of the Ministry of Mercy.  I’m working to make all the legal paperwork in my country for the authorization of the income of medical brigades that provide free help at the hospital. I take care of all the projects of the ministry here in Nicaragua as a benefit, I get help to pay my studies, and a place to live. However, even so I have many limitations because the needs that I have to meet at the level of my educational training are many.

In addition, one of my goals after completing this year I would like to study the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the United States but, as with all things there are requirements.  One big requirement is that I must be able to speak and write English well. Here in the area where I live there is a university that teaches professional English.  There are 15 levels I must attain to receive a certificate.  This certificate is a must if I am to apply for a grant to a University.  I am thankful for Dr. Nancy West, who is willing to become my mentor.  However, the cost per level is $150.   I would like to start English classes as soon as I can, and hoping for some support from friends.  Thank you.

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Life on a Mission Field

 1532044_10201234178278334_175149661_nJesus says “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me.”     Luke 9:23

Mission Field #1 – Ministry of Mercy Clinic/House, Jinotepe, Nicaragua:  Reina and I both started our journey to Nicaragua on 2/10, and returned to our clinic/home late in the evening on 2/11.  We were both tired, but happy to be home.  Reina’s family were overjoyed at seeing us.  We spent the evening talking about our trip, and Reina’s time in America.  We shared all of our gifts, and items we brought from America.  Khole received many clothes, and a stroller.  Her bed had not come yet, and the team members coming on this trip will bring her crib. Khole greeted us warmly with smiles and then cried the rest of the evening.  It was decided that she needed some alone time, without anyone holding her, so our suitcase fitted this purpose and she finally fell asleep, much to our joy, and relief.      


Since I came down for the healthcare brigade, I was not a home much to visibly and spiritually see what was taking place.  Reina’s mom, Janeth was very tired and Marilin did not do much and needed some help in caring for Mateo.  Since December, no one in the family slept much because Khloe cried all night, and Mateo has seizures and yells most of the night in between his noisy respirations.  To hear someone struggle to breathe and struggle to live with constant seizure activity is really hard to bear.  My heart was heavy as I realized this has been going on since July with Mateo, and after two nights of this, I was spent.  I prayed fervently during the night that GOD would ease his pain, and allow Khole to sleep.  I even questioned GOD as to why Mateo is struggling so much, when he can be in Your arms in a moment, and still the struggling to survive continues.  I spent the next few days assessing Marilin’s techniques of tube feeding Mateo and several times suctioning out his lungs so he can breathe better.  Putting on the oxygen monitor only caused me to cry as I saw he was getting only about 85% oxygen into his lungs.   LORD, how long can a person survive?  Reina, became tired, and cranky as school was pressing in on her, and her family life became a huge burden upon her heart, mind and being.  She is the strength in her home, and yet she was beginning to buckle under the pressure, and the lack of sleep.

1503890_10201234177718320_163734709_nimageSadly, I wanted to avoid all of this family life, and push on with my healthcare team.  GOD humbled me when a dear friend from church sent me a message from the LORD.  2 Corinthians 1:3-6.  Is suffering a gift?  I know it is, yet where is the gift in all this?  I was not sure, but became humbled to find the gift GOD would have for all of us through this suffering.  My heart began to soften towards Marilin, Khole and Mateo, and I began to see them through the eyes of JESUS, and not through my own.  Wow, right there is a gift.  Words cannot even describe what you see, when you see with JESUS’ eyes and not your own.  I saw a lovely girl, hurt deeply with wounds that need the balm of JESUS applied daily.  Marilin so desires to come out of the mud and dirt she was in from her childhood up til now.  GOD was doing a work in her heart, people all over the world are praying for her, and GOD is answering our prayers.  I saw Mateo as a true child of GOD, who like Jordan has a work to do on earth before he rests in the arms of JESUS.  His work is his mom, us in our home, and all those he comes in contact with, whether they are in Nicaragua or all over the world.  His testimony is strong, as GOD also brought him out of the mud and dirtiness of life in Managua from his birth til he came to JESUS in July, 2013.  Taking care of Mateo, is healing for Marilin, and shows us and others the mighty strength and healing power of GOD’s love reaching down in the lives of two people.

1532044_10201234178278334_175149661_nFor GOD’s reasons and His alone, Mateo is still breathing.  To watch him survive is humbling, to watch Marilin care for him, brings you to your knees.  With a mother’s love, she gets from the strength of JESUS, she cares for her son, without sometimes even realizing that she is being healed through her care and love towards Mateo.  I may be wrong, but I remember the healing I received when I cared for Jordan those 10 years she was with us.  I was humbled at her strength to live, and knew in my heart, I wanted to give her all she needed to live.  But it was hard, and yet, GOD fills us with His love, and strength in ways that don’t make sense to the world who cannot see through the eyes of JESUS’ love.  This may explain why people don’t understand what JESUS did for them.  ”Though He were the SON of GOD, yet learned obedience by the things which He suffered.  And being made perfect, He became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey and believe in HIM.”  Hebrews 5. Only GOD can open a person’s eyes to the truth about JESUS.  I pray for all those I know that they would just ask GOD to give them a glimpse.  What a treasure in suffering, What a gift to have not only eternal life in heaven, but a relationship with GOD through JESUS, who walks beside me daily, and talks to me through His WORD, and through my prayer time with HIM.  Oh what a gift, what a treasure.  I love that verse in Luke, where it ends the birth of JESUS with the words, “and Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart.” 2:19.  When you witness the work of JESUS in your life, or in the life of others, you can say with Mary, I treasure these in my heart and consider them precious in my life.   O Mateo, you are precious in GOD’s sight.  You are enduring so much for GOD’s kingdom, no one knows but GOD, I pray your work will be done soon, and you will be in the arms of JESUS soon, with Jordan,

      1390514_10200700898986685_1244368171_nDSC00018  Enjoy this song

about this trip.  Blessings from Laura Story.

Mission Field #2 is coming.  Waiting for pictures.  JESUS loves you…..