September Update 2014

What is happening for Ministry of Mercy

  • Reina continues with her medical residency in the maternity department, working long hours and delivering about 6-8 babies per day
  • Mateo has pneumonia at this time.  Please pray that Marilin would feed him properly to keep his lungs from getting infected.  He is making small weight gains with his new feeding tube. 10608622_10202666059994482_352184295706668403_o
  • Marilin continues in our home, and needs encouragement as she struggles with ordinary life and decisions
  • Khole is growing and Janet continues to care for her and the family at our house.  10524185_10202666060034483_1252556937750209095_oHer daughter, Eileen continues to help out
  • Lester is learning English and continues to oversee the clinic/house while Reina is in school.
  • Mary is writing two grants for possible funding for 2015 opportunities to grow our clinic as Reina will begin to see patients in July.  There is much preparation and financing to make the clinic ready for patients.
  • Pastor Eric from Elevation church and Pastor Brett at Redeemer in Grass Valley  in are working with the pastoral leadership in Nicaragua to make plans for planting a church and bible teaching in Nicaragua.  Meetings are being planned for future trips…Look for more information. 
  • All in all, life is ordinary, yet exciting as we see the Hand of GOD working even in the quietness and humdrum of life, He is molding us and teaching us, and giving us the strength to carry on, and do the things He has called us to.  Ruth 

 1491656_627854577301004_3554526838393764501_nA message from Ministry of Mercy director and editor:   Mary Nicosia

Is GOD doing anything at all?  Sometimes in the ordinariness of life, we wonder and even for long for GOD to do something.  Sometimes Christians call this time, a time in the desert, where my heart is dry, and it appears as if nothing is going on.  You come home from a missionary trip, and get back into life, and it seems dry in comparison to what you had been doing during your time you were on the mission field away from home.

However, we are home, and the mission field is not dry, but even more so, as you learn to trust and build your faith in GOD in the humdrum of life.  Being home works both ways, in Nicaragua and in America.  Life is back to normal in our home in Jinotepe as Reina continues to finish up her medical residency, Janet continues to care for Khole and our household, Lester continues to struggle with the household chores, study English, and continue to look for a job outside the home.  Marilin is struggling to, to find her place, to continue to care for Mateo, letting go of the anxieties, fears, and disappoints she has had before she came to our house.  Pray for her as she must work through all that is in her heart and mind of who she is, and what she wants to become, and still care for herself, others, and for Mateo.

I am home too, back in my life, as a wife, mother, grandmother, and working full time at the hospital, and as director of Ministry of Mercy.  Does my relationship with JESUS become dry in the humdrum of life?  I am learning that it is not.  It is a gift to have the opportunity to move out of our little space and time and visit another country, another culture, and share the love of JESUS in this way.  But what about home…Is GOD doing anything in our life?

I believe FAITH in CHRIST becomes more triumphant in the trials we face in the day to day life.  I actually have learned this in the most humdrum way, GOD has spoken to my heart, in my inner being.  I want to share what HE has said…

I was on my way to our Monday night community group.  John was not with me, and I was contemplating not going.  However, as a community group, we have a commitment to one another to join together in fellowship.  So I went.  We were a small group, and our leader suggested we study the book of Ruth for a month.  I was content to do this and we became excited about reading and talking about the first chapter.  I went home, wondering what GOD would have for me, in this story of a women so long ago.  Would this story have an impact in my life.  I remember asking GOD to reveal to me how this story is pertinent to my life at this time.  On Tuesday morning He did just that…How amazing GOD is in our daily life.

What came to mind as I listened to Alister Begg preach on Ruth was this statement he made; “Tell me how lofty GOD is for you, and I will tell  you how little HE means to you.”  I had to ask myself, what does GOD mean to me in my everyday life?  Does my theology stand that GOD is always, in all places, in a quiet fashion, working out HIS providence to me daily in the humdrum of my ordinary life?  Can I even answer these questions?

I looked at the life of Naomi and saw an ordinary woman, wife, and mother.  She followed her husband to a land different from her own, was involved in taking care of her family in the midst of trials, and tribulations (famine, lawless society, Judges 21 and Ruth 1).  She lost both her husband and her sons, and left with no means of support, with 2 daughters in law.  Where is GOD now?  Does her theology of GOD and His providence still hold true. GOD says He will never leave you or forsake you…what about now?  I remember when I lost the baby I was carrying.  I had a still-born at 9 months.  I remember the doctor telling me, the baby is dead inside of me…Is GOD still superior in my life?  Is He still working His goodness, mercy, love, and providence in my life?  I tackled that question, through my grieving over the loss of my son.  I came out of this grieving to see that GOD’s presence is very much in my life even in tragedy.  In tragedy, who do you have to lean on, to call upon, except GOD?  In the story of Ruth, she saw this in Naomi,  In the tragedy of loss and hopelessness, my faith in GOD triumphs, my theology of GOD stands.  I can look up at the dark cloud of trouble, despair, loss, sin, and hopelessness and see that it is “big with mercy, and will break in blessings on my head ( 12,2014).”  Because I know my Redeemer (JESUS) lives and is ever making intercession to GOD on my behalf, and His promises as real for me as they were for Ruth and Naomi.    “Be of good courage, I have overcome the world.”  says JESUS.10629795_10152802138990625_7757984675224507105_n