Happy Mother’s Day



The best part of my life is being a Mom.  I have been blessed with 3 children who have all married wonderful spouses and now I have been doubly blessed.  These couples have brought 10 lives into the world to explode our home with JOY abundantly.   I stand in awe of how Marvelous GOD has been in my life, even in the tragedies and in the difficulties, JESUS has been my redeemer, my savior, and my friend.  Countless times I have cried my heart out to Him, and He has heard my cries.  Life is not easy, but JESUS has made me into what I am. I am His clay and He has molded me with a special kind of strength…                                                                                                 A strength that does not overpower, but a strength that influences…                                                                                                   A strength that does not overwhelm, but a strength that overcomes…                                                                                                  A strength that does not overbear, but a strength that endures…     (Roy Lessin, meetmeinthemeadow.com)  I can only bow my knees in love and reverence to GOD who has given me so much and even much more as I watch my kids be parents, and watch my grandkids grow.  I pause on this special day in honoring all moms.  I am thankful for the mom I have, who has invested her life into mine.  The times we have shared together bring tears of joy in knowing that truly she loved me, and with all her heart, mind and soul she given her all to me.  There were many times when she exasperated me, as well as I know I exasperated her.  But being a mom, she continues to pray for me, and ask GOD to mold me into the image of CHRIST JESUS.  For this I am thankful and owe my life to my mom, who continues even to this day to pray for me in this way.  I have learned from her, in that I pray earnestly for all of my children, and grandchildren, and even my adopted children.  I pray that GOD would take a hold of their lives, and that daily they would be molded into the image of CHRIST JESUS.  (For we have died and our lives are hidden with CHRIST in GOD. When CHRIST who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with Him in Glory. Colossians 3)  When we are molded in CHRIST we are His chosen ones, holy and blessed, and we have CHRIST’s compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another, forgiving one another, and above all else the love of CHRIST binds us together in perfect harmony…  It may not always be harmony, but I am thankful for CHRIST in my life, in my parents life, and now in my children’s and grandchildren’s lives.  Today as a mom, blessed in CHRIST, I am singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in my heart to GOD.  theministryofmercy.org/HAPPYMOTHER’S DAY  MOTHERS BE BLESSED TODAY.  BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE, YOU ARE LOVED BY GOD AND WORSHIP CHRIST TODAY BECAUSE HE IS OUR REDEEMER, OUR PROVIDER, OUR GOD

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Missionary Adventure to Nicaragua for the Gospel

July 25 to August 3, 2015

Ministry of Mercy is hosting two adventures to share the love of JESUS CHRIST to the people of Nicaragua

Surgical Orthopedic Brigade and 

Teen challenge and Vacation Bible School

Team Members of the Surgical Brigade:  8 professionals and 6 volunteers

Team Members of the Teen challenge and VBS: 4 college students and 2 high schoolers from Elevation Church, Auburn CA

The young people from Elevation have several fundraising activities planned to raise the $1500 per person needed 

Activities include:

Bake sales at local churches:  Elevation Church

Car Washes after church at local churches:  Elevation Church

Fundraising Jamba Juice cards

Garage sale at Maidu market corner May 30 and June 27

We Need Your Support :

Host a bake sale at your church or business

Host a car wash at your church or business

Purchase our Jamba Juice cards

Pray for our team members, for GOD’s will, safe travel for us and for all the supplies and equipment we are bringing with us

Ministry of Mercy has an IDONATE program.  Donate your old car, RV, Boat or electronic devices through IDONATE program


Use AMAZONSMILE  when you purchase on AMAZON.  Go to AMAZONSMILE.COM and choose Ministry of Mercy, Bowman, CA as the organization.  Your sale gives a portion to our ministry.


Thank you for helping us help others who need help and share the gospel of JESUS CHRIST


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Welcome to our Ministry

Ministry of Mercy is still going strong in helping people and sharing the gospel here in the United States and in Nicaragua

  • We have established our Non profit status in Nicaragua and in the USA
  • We have established a Health and Wellness Clinic in Jinotepe, Nicaragua
  • We have helped raise a young girl from poverty to become a physician in Nicaragua.  REINA
  • 2015 Projects Include:
    • ORTHOPEDIC SURGICAL BRIGADE (total hip and knee arthroscopy)  Featuring Dr. Jeffrey Bergeson and donations from DePUY Orthopedics and Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital
    • VBS program and Youth Conference in Nicaragua featuring youth and young adults from ELEVATION Church in Auburn, CA
  • We offer many opportunities to donate and contribute to our ministry and volunteer. (Many people donate knitted baby items for our hospital ministry and for our clinic.  Many people donate their health products such as walkers, canes, adult diapers etc..
  • There are several ways to donate to ministry of mercy without costing money. Contribute

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