We continue to have the banner of faith surrounding us as we are preparing for our Panama Gospel Healthcare Adventure.  Supplies for both Panama and Nicaragua have been given.  Our suitcases are full.  Reina and I have our travel vaccines and have by the grace of GOD recovered from the onslaught of “live vaccines” in our bodies.

With all this said, we have been given such rich blessings from the LORD as He speaks His Word to us in preparation for our journey.  Reina and I have both been blessed, and stretched as we are preparing for our travel.  Reina has graciously given her time to our grandkids and has had a rich full time spending with our family.  Our kids and grandkids have embraced her as one of the family and John has been one of her constant companions as well as Oliver, (our youngest grandson).  

Our faith in JESUS continues as we now need to trust in Him alone through this journey we are taking. (see our prayer needs).  Psalm 25 says “all the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies.” Reina and I want the LORD to lead us in HIS truth, and teach us to trust in HIM more.  For we both know deep in our hearts that GOD is our salvation.  We want share this amazing love of GOD with those we will meet.

In some ways, fear seems to creep in; fear of catching a disease from mosquitos, fear of man as we are not sure of the culture, fear of traveling to an unknown place. Yet, we know GOD is with us.  HE is good to us and HE is upright, steadfast and faithful.  Who is the woman who fears (honors) the LORD?  HE will instruct them in the way HE should choose. Because, the friendship of the LORD is for those who fear(honor) Him, and He makes known to us His covenant. (14).

We are so thankful GOD is with us.  He considers our afflictions and our troubles, and He forgives us of our sins. This is where I am as I prepare for our journey with both the banners of faith and with trust in the gospel of JESUS.

JESUS instructs sinful people in the truth of the gospel.  I am a sinner, and I humbly bow before JESUS, confessing my sins, and acknowledging that He will forgive me and lead us on this journey for His Glory.  Because His words to me bring life, and breath to my fearful soul.  “HE leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble His way.”(25:9).  Humility is where I am at this moment, because in humility, my sins are forgiven, my soul is restored.  GOD’s integrity and uprightness preserves me, I am redeemed by the blood JESUS shed for me, and I can now wait on Him with abandoned trust because He will guide us and protect us, because He has already pardoned my sin. I know this true.  Where you go, I’ll go
Where you stay, I’ll stay
When you move, I’ll move
I will follow




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