Thank you for visiting this page to consider our prayer needs for Ministry of Mercy

  • Praise GOD,   Reyna is now finished with Medical School and is looking for a job as a Physician.  Pray that GOD would lead her to the right positions.
  • Pray for Lester as he is looking for employment and having difficulty.  He is a hard worker and takes great care of the house we rent in Jinotepe.
  • Praise to GOD for a wonderful August/September trip for Mary as she was there at Reyna’s graduation and visited with longtime friends.
  • Pray for Elizabeth, Hernaldo’s wife as she struggles with her health, needing dialysis treatment 3 times a week.  Pray for her strength physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Pray for strength from the LORD for Hernaldo as this is hard to see his wife suffer.
  • Pray for our upcoming end of year Gospel Swimming Adventure to Nicaragua.  We have been blessed with a very nice hotel and the owner has agreed to let us use their pool and their facility to host our VBS.  We have a team of 8 going from Elevation Church in Auburn, CA and are in need of more team members.  We will be presenting the gospel of JESUS CHRIST to the about 80 young people as well as teach them water, fire, earthquake and physical safety.`
  • Pray for Khloe and Mateo as they continue to grow.  Mateo is needing 3 medications for his seizures.  Ilene takes great care of him, however, he is malnourished and his wonderful doctor has given us ways to improve his nutrition.  Since we have increased his nutrition, he is actually responding to his environment.  He definitely lets us know when his tummy is empty.  GOD in His great mystery keeps us caring for little Mateo, so we will.  Please pray for donations to purchase his food.  He is going to start eating natural food through his tube, as well as Pediasure, protein supplement, vitamins and coconut oil.  All of these items are very expensive and difficult to obtain here in Nicaragua. We would covet your prayers for help.
  • Pray for Ministry of Mercy as we have set up some other ways to raise funds and that GOD would provide for our needs again this next year 2017.
  • Pray more people would join our ministry teams, and hearts would be open to the love of JESUS CHRIST, and GOD would be GLORIFIED in the work we do.
  • Praise to GOD for meeting our financial needs through 2016.  We still maintain in the black and what we receive we give back to the ministry.  No one gets a salary or profit from donations.  All donations go to the work of Ministry of Mercy.  Thank you to all who give generously and lovingly from your hearts.
Please consider a donation today. We are thankful for your donation to our projects and work