Thank you for visiting this page to consider our prayer needs for Ministry of Mercy

  • Praise GOD, for the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and use our health professional skills to join the Youth With a Mission in Panama this April.  Pray for our provision, our time there, and the ability to travel as it is not an easy journey from Costa Rica to Panama and back home.
    • Travelers:  Mary Nicosia, Dr. Reina Tiffer, Bryn Bergeson
    • We travel April 20 Sacramento to Costa Rica
    • We are in Costa Rica until Sunday (22). Catch a bus for Panama leaving at 6am and arrive Panama destination Boca Del Tora Islands at 6pm
    • Monday to Thursday:  YWAM outpost and clinic to various islands and people YWAM host (Thomas) would like us to see and visit.
    • Thursday evening catch a bus at 5pm to Panama City, arriving Friday morning at 6am
    • Friday to Saturday: Visiting Panama Canal and resting.  
    • Sunday: Catching a small plane taking Reina home to Nicaragua and myself and Bryn to Sacramento

For me personally, I would like prayer for the people we meet would have their eyes open to see JESUS as HE truly is, and that He would reveal Himself to them. I have been learning about the 2 men on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24.  They met up with JESUS, but didn’t know that He was JESUS. The men were perplexed that JESUS wanted them to speak about what was on their heart.  JESUS was on their heart, yet they did not know HE walking beside them. At the end of the story as JESUS shared with them and opened up scripture to them, they stated, “didn’t our hearts burn within us while He talked to us on the road, while He opened to us the Scriptures.”  My prayer is that the people we meet would have their eyes open to JESUS and they can say, didn’t our hearts burn within us as we listened to the gospel of JESUS.  

Continued prayer for Nicaragua and Ministry of Mercy

  • Pray for Lester as he is looking for employment and having difficulty.  He is a hard worker and takes great care of the house we rent in Jinotepe.
  • Pray for our child we have in our home.  She is growing and we are thankful GOD has given her to us.
  • Pray for Elizabeth, Hernaldo’s wife as she struggles with her health, needing dialysis treatment 3 times a week.  Pray for her strength physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Pray for strength from the LORD for Hernaldo as this is hard to see his wife suffer.
  • Pray GOD would continue to open the door in Diriamba Nicaragua for more teams to come and minister the love of JESUS to the people of La Boca church.  We started a work and Elevation church in Auburn would like to keep this relationship growing as we work together to serve the LORD JESUS.  Pray for opportunities and volunteers for either 2017 or 2018.
  • Pray for Ministry of Mercy as we have set up some other ways to raise funds and that GOD would provide for our needs again this next year 2018.
  • Pray more people would join our ministry teams, and hearts would be open to the love of JESUS CHRIST, and GOD would be GLORIFIED in the work we do.
  • Praise to GOD for meeting our financial needs through 2017.  We still maintain in the black and what we receive we give back to the ministry.  No one gets a salary or profit from donations.  All donations go to the work of Ministry of Mercy.  Thank you to all who give generously and lovingly from your hearts.
Please consider a donation today. We are thankful for your donation to our projects and work