Grow in the grace and knowledge of our LORD Jesus Christ and to Him be the glory now and forever. AMEN

Welcome to our 2019 year of Ministry of Mercy. We didn’t take a year off, we spent some time in Panama, and we finished putting a young man through Business degree in San Fransisco. We also spent much time in prayer holding up the neighborhoods in Nicaragua under attack from their government. It was very frightening for our families to hide in their homes dodging gun fire from the street. (Homes are open in Nicaragua and our home has some actual bullet holes from the fight).

Dra. Reyna

We plan to use our house in Jinotepe for Dra. Reyna to see her clients. She has a small practice, so we are purchasing some medical equipment and getting the small space next to the house set up for her office. (If you would like to donate to our clinic supplies, we are currently needing an exam table, scale, computer, exam lights, table). We also need to paint and clean up the place.

Upcoming mission outreach for 2019 see newsletter2019. Contact Mary at 530 305 4098

Please consider a donation today. We are thankful for your donation to our projects and work