Grow strong in your faith as you give glory to GOD, fully convinced that GOD is able to do what HE has promised. Romans 4:20-21

It has been a long winter here in California, which causes me to spend more time in GOD’s word, as I cannot get out and move around in the rain. Every year daffodils come up at this time of the year whether rain, snow or sunshine. More pop up than the year before, as during the winter time they reproduce. How beautiful is GOD’s wonder, in that while being dormant, they are actively growing (repopulating). When they pop up it is obvious, they show off what they have been doing during the winter time. What a great example for me as a believer to spend time in GOD’s word and then share my spiritual growth.

With this being said, have I grown in God’s Word this winter season? More importantly to the growing is the sharing of God’s Word. I am blessed that in reading the Bible, I am knowing the author more, and building a relationship with Him, which is foremost for me. While I recognize my need for a Savior because of my sinfulness, I know that He has redeemed me and continues to guide my life, even when I fall short . He never fails me, or retreats from me.

I believe this to be true: I am reconciled to GOD because JESUS opened my heart and my eyes to see the truth of His grace, (my need for a Savior), and GOD has accepted me into His family, therefore I can commune with Him daily, as He is present in my life. He will receive me when my soul leaves this earth, and I will be filled with joy to be with Him forever in heaven. Faith in JESUS is my walk, but intimate fellowship with JESUS is my rest. Faith in JESUS is the road, but communion with JESUS is the well from which I drink.

I learned something else this winter. A lesson for Easter
…But He gave him no answer to a single charge…Matthew 27:14
Patient silence is the best reply to a world of cruel opposition. JESUS was our best example. Calm Endurance as He too the penalty of sin on our behalf. The best apologetics for Christianity in the early days were its martyrs. And true wisdom is to be silent; to not provide fuel for the flame of sin. “Like a Lamb that is led to the slaughter, and like a sheep that before His shearers is silent, so He opened not His mouth.” Isaiah 53. JESUS Thank you for dying for the sins of the world. Thank you that we now can commune with GOD here on earth, and be with Him in eternity.

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