Opportunities Abound

A Call to Professional Health Care Workers and Health Care Students

Ministry of Mercy

There are many opportunities to work alongside Nationals in Nicaragua and in Ghana to improve the quality of life and health care to their people.

Our staff has a long history of organising medical and health brigades to Nicaragua, Panama, and now into Ghana.

We offer physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other health care workers the opportunity to volunteer their expertise at hospitals and healthcare clinics

We offer medical and healthcare students an experience to be part of a medical/health team and receive a certificate of accomplishment from Ministry of Mercy for their CV or resume.

At the present time, we have openings for Neurosurgeon and Interventional Radiologist and Orthopedic surgeon for work in Nicaragua.

An ENT medical brigade to Nicaragua is being planned for early 2020 and anyone interested may also join, including students.

All applicants must pay there own expenses

Visiting Dra. Reyna’s patients in Managua, June 2019

Physicians at Lenin Fonseca June 2019

Dra. Reyna out in the village, Diramba, Nicaragua

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