THANK YOU for helping in our ministry.  We welcome your partnership in your giving.  We thank you for visiting our website and that you will consider joining us in our ventures.

Ways to donate and contribute to the work:

Contact Mary Nicosia at 530 305 4098 if interested in joining our teams, contributing to our projects with supplies, or health equipment.

Paypal  cash donations, click the paypal button

You can also donate air miles to UNITED to both Mary and Reyna.  If interested you can contact Mary at or 530 305 4098 and leave a message.  Air travel has gotten more expense over the years and this trip to GHANA is costly.  Thank you

Smile Amazon is a program that gives a percentage of what you purchase on amazon to our ministry. Follow the link to add Ministry of Mercy as your organization. You must be careful to make sure when you begin your purchasing that you are on the page. Purchases don’t automatically generate to donations unless you are actually on the correct website. Each time you purchase something that supports our charity, a facebook option pops up to show that your purchase actually benefited the ministry.

Checks can be sent to Ministry of Mercy, PO Box 1702, Colfax CA 95713

Ministry of Mercy is a non-profit 501 3c organization

Thank you all who support Ministry of Mercy, financially, and through your generous donations of time, expertise, and prayers.  Our prayer is that we keep going and continue to be a sustainable, kind, godly, Jesus friendly contribution to the people we serve in Nicaragua. PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING US ON OUR TEAM VENTURES, PRAYING FOR OUR MINISTRY, AND HELPING US WITH OUR FUND RAISING EFFORTS. THANK YOU

Please consider a donation today. We are thankful for your donation to our projects and work