Opportunities 2019

To think globally, you must act locally.  This year Ministry of Mercy is joining with Elevation church to reach out locally to serve the LORD in our community.  Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities locally

Globally:  Two opportunities:


 Specifically Jinotepe and Diriamba areas.  Summer of 2019, JUNE 6-19.  Working with LA ROCA church in Diriamba serving the people and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community.  Visiting Dr. Reina’s special needs kids and ministering to their families.  Possibly beginning a church planting in Jinotepe in the community in which we live.  If you are interested, contact Mary Nicosia through our website or contact information.  Cost is about $2,200. More specifics to come.



The region of Bolgatanga is our destination. This will be a 21 day trip as there is several hours of traveling we must endure.  We will spend 8 days in the villages meeting and providing healthcare, teaching, sharing the gospel to the people.  Dr. Reina is our physician and we are looking for 3 nurses and 3 lay people to join our team.  More information will be provided.  Cost is about $3,300.  We are hoping to check into a game reserve and see some elephants, and zebras…Contact Mary Nicosia through the website or our contact information.

If you cannot come on the trips and would like to contribute with a donation, you can specify through PayPal or by check the specific person or outreach you want to support.  Each person must raise their own support including Dr. Reina, and myself.  All gifts are appreciated, and tax deductible.  Thank you.

Please consider a donation today. We are thankful for your donation to our projects and work